IODE Feedback : Learner

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About The Course: On Design and Development Areas

Q.No. Questions Your Opinion
1 Course objectives were clearly presented.
2 Course expectations were clearly stated
3 Course materials were well-prepared
4 The course was well-organized
5 SAOs, Activities, etc. related to the themes of the course
6 The course was intellectually challenging
7 The course increased my knowledge and understanding of the subject

Learners Support System (Pedagogic Areas)

A.Interaction Through Counselling

Q.No. Questions Your Opinion
1. Did you attend the counseling session at your study center/IODE CVRU headquarters?
What are your views regarding the counseling sessions ?
2. Was number of counseling sessions for your progromme sufficient ?
3. Did you prepare for counseling sessions?
4. Were your doubts clarified by your counsellor?
5. Were you satisfied with the way sessions were organized ?
6. What are your suggestions to improve the counseling sessions?

B.Interaction Through Assignments

Q.No. Questions Your Opinion
1. Do you think the assignments for various courses of your programme were?
2 Were you satisfied with the grade/marks of the assignment responses?
3 Did you read units carefully before writing assignments?
4 Did the assignments help you in your learning?
5 Did the assignments help you in your preparation for examination?
6 Were you satisfied with the quality of the questions asked in the assignments?
7 Were assignments too difficult to write?
8 Were you satisfied with the tutor comments on the assignment responses?
9 Did you think the grades/marks given on the assignments were related to the tutor comments?
10 Did marginal comments point out your mistakes?
11 Did these comments help you in improving your learning?
12 Did the comments suggest you to consult further reading materials/journals/reference books?
13 Did assignments help you in increasing overall grade of each course?

Learner Support Services (Administrative Area)

Q.No. Questions Your Opinion
1 Did you receive the course materials for all the courses on time according to the schedule?
2 Did the system adopted for the distribution of study material by the university suit you?
3 Did you prefer to receive all the study material, assignments questions and other instructional material of all courses in the beginning of the session?
4 Did the staff of the university help you in receiving the materials in case you had not received in time?
5 Did you get proper information related to contact classes, practical, project and exam time table in proper time through information technology(SMS, email,)

Open Ended

Q.No. Questions Your Opinion
1 What changes would you recommend to improve this course?
2 What did you like best about Institute of open and distance education CVRU ?
3 What did you like least about Institute of open and distance education CVRU ?
4 Any other comments, observations and constructive critical reflection please