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Q.No. Questions Your Opinion
1 The curriculum adequately covers all program outcomes and program specific outcomes, based on students’ attributes. The emphasis and credits assigned are appropriate.
2 The labs, software, teaching facilities, databases and learning resources available in institute are adequate for effective teaching.
3 I am satisfied with the higher order learning Blooms taxonomy plan and assessment are suitably designed to capture knowledge, skills and behavior.
4 Curriculum is periodically reviewed and takes into account the feedback provided by stakeholders and the inputs by the Board of Studies.
5 The curriculum provides effective use of Information and communication technology (ICT) based pedagogy with vast use of E-content developed by the institution /Learning Management System (LMS).
6 The evaluation process is effective and robust, with the advancement of ICT and examination reforms.
7 The learning outcomes are evaluated periodically based on stakeholder feedback, analyzed and action taken.
8 The curriculum meets the national and global needs besides individuals and professional aspirations.