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Q.No. Questions Your Opinion
1 The curriculum and syllabi have been designed in keeping with the requirement of the industry and developing students holistically to personal and professional realization of their goals.
2 The curriculum adopts Outcome Based Education process focused on continuous evaluation and improvement and focuses on the outcomes.
3 The allocation of credits to the course is appropriate in relation to the level of the course.
4 There is an emphasis on experiential learning with a focus on enabling internships, labs, and projects.
5 The curriculum and syllabi have been effectively designed by integrating Information and communication technology (ICT) and Pedagogy.
6 The curriculum has a transparent and effective Internal and External assessment and evaluation process which is reflective of outcome-based education process.
7 The curriculum provides for developing cross-cultural and transferable life-skills through value-added and elective courses.
8 The syllabus enabled me to improve my ability to formulate, analyze, and solve problems.
9 The teachers are competent to teach their subjects with mastery and domain authority.
10 The curriculum is enriched with courses that make me better employable and meet my entrepreneurial dream.