Feedback : Employer

  Feedback Form

IQAC of the University is conducting survey of University students from esteemed organization pioneer in their respective areas and support CVRU in hiring professionals. This feedback will help University to identify the areas of improvement in order to enhance quality in terms of learning and services to the student.


Q.No. Questions Your Opinion
1 How do you rate our curriculum in the programs you look to hire our students?
2 How would you rate our students in their skill competencies as applied to your industry?
3 Do you find our students level in knowledge, concepts and application adequate?
4 Did you find usefulness of electives offered in our curriculum that prepare students for the multi-disciplinary streams as well as entrepreneurs and as life-long learners?
5 Did you find our students adequately developed in the life skills, values, ethics, behaviour, attitude and sensitivity to gender equity, tolerance, respect for the diversity and other religions, pride in the nation and belief in co-existence and progress as nation and the world?
6 Did you find our students aware of their responsibilities towards the climate, protection of natural resources, sustainability and circular economy?
7 Did you find a spark in our students for innovation?
8 Whether our students working in your organization have demonstrated professional skills as team and group leaders innovatively finding solutions to problems in businesses and adding wealth to the organization?
9 Rate the practical and applied knowledge of students in terms of their relevance to the real-life application?
10 Rate our students learning from the value-added courses and internships which form an essential part of our curriculum.