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  Feedback Form

IQAC of the University is conducting survey of University students from esteemed organization pioneer in their respective areas and support CVRU in hiring professionals. This feedback will help University to identify the areas of improvement in order to enhance quality in terms of learning and services to the student.


Q.No. Questions Your Opinion
1 Course content covers all aspects of recent Educational and Technological advantage.
2 Course content covers enough knowledge to apply it in real world situations.
3 Course content covers ethical aspects and Industrial needs.
4 Course Content enables to develop problem solving competency and relevant job skills.
5 Course Content enables to develop innovative thinking.

Overall Rating of CVRU

Q.No. Questions Your Opinion
Employbility Skills
1 Fundamental knowledge
2 Thinking & Analytical Skill
3 Personal Skill
4 Persuation Skill
5 Stress Copying
6 Communication Skill
7 LeaderShip Skill
8 Team Work & Problem Solving Skill
9 Time Management Skill
10 Self Efficiancy

Open Ended

Q. No Question Answer
1 Which course you want to add in curriculum ?
2 Which course is not relevent or you wanted to remove from curriculum ?
3 Which course needs updation / revision ?
4 Which new value added courses you want to study apart your curriculum ?