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1 The program outcomes and course outcomes are clearly stated and outcomes accordingly evaluated and continuously improved upon.
2 There is an enhanced emphasis on high order learning, practical knowledge, work projects and labs.
3 The skill-development, innovation and entrepreneurship receive the highest focus to make students increasingly employable.
4 The curriculum is forwarding looking and caters for multi-disciplinary learning through electives and provides for flexible options.
5 There is adequate emphasis on human values, ethics, behaviour, attitude, service for the community and life transferable skill-development.
6 Appropriate and innovative teaching-learning methods are used to provide facility for continuous learning in the curriculum.
7 Assessment and evaluation are robust and program outcomes are well documented. These are designed in sync with the program and course outcomes.
8 The curriculum provides a lot of experiential learning and minimum of two internships.
9 The curriculum is periodically revised to adopt to ever evolving external businesses challenges and technology advancements.
10 I found that the program curriculum and course syllabi at the university delivering on building students as well-rounded personalities ready for the future challenges.