Raman Radio

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has granted permission to CVRU to establish a community Radio Station. This University will be the first in the State where students will be taught and educated, youth will progress towards employment, and the common man will wake up to his rights, duties, and liabilities through radio programmes prepared and broadcast by CVRU. After its establishment in the university, "Radio Raman" has started on 90.4 M.H.Z. since 2012 and will commence its regular broadcast in a short while. It will reach the community in 15.5 radius around the CVRU campus. In a real sense, community radio plays a pivotal role in making the masses aware of their basic rights and duties. Not only limited to solving problems that a common man faces in his day-to-day life, community radio provides him with a strong platform from which he can freely disseminate his ideas among his community members in the best possible manner. Thus, community radio becomes one of the most important instruments in strengthening our ‘Right to Freedom of Speech. As well as entertaining local people, community radio also acts as an intermediary between the Government and the local masses. This is the place from which local people can air their grievances to the Government as well as get solutions to their problems. Needless to say, community radio has played a major role in bridging the Communication gap between the Government and the local people. As community radio is still evolving, it might be possible that in the near future we will witness its various new forms, which will be technologically superior as well as user-friendly. Whatever the case may be, community radio has proven to be one of the best mediums of communication at the grass-roots level.

This means that community radio stations should focus on getting the community talking and not solely on radio (which is a technological process). The social concerns of community radio are stressed over radio per se. There is also a distinction drawn in contrast to mainstream stations, which are viewed as catering to commercial concerns or the personalities of presenters.

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