LLB or Bachelor of Legislative Law is an undergraduate law course. Law is the main section of our constitution that has laid sets of regulations and rules to govern our country. The law education is the only legal education in India that is monitored and regulated by The Bar Council of India.

CVRU department of law aims for providing a challenging environment to study law. It is ranked as the best LLB college in Chhattisgarh for its contribution towards making legal education a rich and rewarding learning experience for students.

Students having a graduation degree in any stream can apply for this three years LLB degree course. After finishing LLB the students are designated as “Lawyer” to start practice in the judicial courts.

Being one of the best LLB colleges in Chhattisgarh, CVRU department of law provides a blend of theoretical knowledge from books and practical training programs by conducting seminars, tutorial works, and moot courts throughout the year to give right exposure to law students to learn legal proceedings and practices.

Apart from legal education CVRU department of law inculcate the following set of skills in students required to become a good lawyer.

  1.  Excellent communication skills
  2.  Good presentation skills
  3.  Critical thinking
  4.  Reasoning abilities

Law serves as a vital weapon to bring change in the society, CVRU Bilaspur is recognized as one of the best LLB colleges in India, for imparting human values, ethics and morals in students to create a difference through flawless practice in both Corporate and Civil Courts by being righteous for the overall development of the society.

Graduation in any stream with a minimum passing percentage
3 years divided in 6 semesters with 2 semesters in each year
Procedure for Admission:
Based on cut off percentage

LLB or Bachelor of Legislative Law course is divided in two semesters for each year amounting up to 6 semesters during three years of duration of the course. The course curriculum is designed to provide practical training and theoretical knowledge of all the subjects related to various legal aspects and court proceedings. Some of the most important subjects in LLB are:

  1.  Legal Methods
  2.  Contracts
  3.  Code of Civil Procedures
  4.  Political Science
  5.  Litigation Advocacy
  6.  Jurisprudence

Career Prospects:

LLB degree holders can find employment opportunities in both the Civil and Corporate sectors. Most of the students opt to become an advocate and practice law. Candidates with an LLB degree can apply for state/central government jobs or become a legal consultant/ legal advisor for defence/legal/tax department in both Private and Public organization. After having a good amount of experience and rendering years of services one can even get appointed as Judge/Attorney and Solicitor General/Public Prosecutor. The candidates can look for following employment areas after LLB.

  1.  Law Firms
  2.  MNCs
  3.  Colleges and Universities
  4.  Bank (Legal Department)
  5.  Courts and Judiciary